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We also have Soundproofing materials such as Mass Loaded Vinyl and the Amazing Green Glue Sealant and state of the art visco-elastic adhesive.

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Acoustic Panels for the Most Sophisticated Listeners

Acoustic panels and bass traps are the most important pieces to a perfect sounding room. Whether it is a home theater, a church or studio, acoustic treatment plays the most important role as to how the room would sound. Without acoustic panels, the most expensive sound system will become an average sounding system.

If you would like to achieve the best sound possible, you must first understand that everything in the room affects the way sound is perceived. As a result, you don’t get to achieve the level of quality of sound that you want and expect. Strategically placing your sound equipment in a room is simply not enough, You still need materials for acoustic treatment before your room sounds it best and before your speakers could produce the quality sound they were meant to produce. You may have your room  treated by a local acoustics company, which would cost thousands of dollars, or you can take advantage of the cheaper options we provide.  At you can select all the fine quality acoustic materials that you need to acoustically treat any room at the lowest prices around.

With our pre-made acoustic panels, bass traps, and other acoustic insulation materials, you can build a  room that  produces high quality sound, just the way you want it. All the acoustic materials you are looking for are right here under one roof. Let us help you achieve good room acoustics and eliminate echo and reverb from  your home theater, studio,  church, or conference room.

Compared to foam, our acoustic panels are far superior because they are made of the highest grade rigid fiberglass, which is much better at low frequency absorption. And make no mistakes  about it, sound absorption panels are the best way to improve the sound of your home theater or studio without spending thousands on equipment upgrades. Treating 30% to 40% of your walls is sufficient enough and  most rooms can be treated for under $1000.

Our acoustical panels are very effective, esthetically pleasant, and offer the best value in studio and home theater acoustic treatment.
Here are some of the advantages that our products present.


acoustic panels

We started because as music lovers, we know the importance of acoustical treatment and wall acoustic panels.
Just like you, we were astonished at how expensive room acoustics can get. That is why we made it our mission to design the most effective acoustical panels made out of the best acoustic materials available and at the lowest prices around.



  • Prevent standing waves
  • Prevent Reverberation
  • Absorb sound to prevent ringing and flutter
  • Reduce Slap echoes
  • Remove boominess
  • Tighten up bass response
  • Reduce sound transmission to other rooms
  • Better midrange
  • Better stereo imaging
  • Remove acoustic interference
  • Lower reverb time

We carry and manufacture a wide range of acoustic materials ranging from wall acoustical panels and bass traps to D-I-Y acoustic insulation such as Owens Corning 703, Owens Corning 705 rigid fiberglass, and Mineral wool (also called Rockwool). We also carry a beautiful selection of designer acoustic fabrics to suit everyone’s sound treatment needs.

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